Best Places to Visit in Turkey

Turkey is an incredible destination brimming with ancient culture, architectural wonders, cosmopolitan cities and amazing landscapes. It’s also a country renowned for its secluded beautiful beaches and stunning long hiking trails.

Turkey is home to some of the most incredible Unesco world heritage sites. It’s also one of the best places to visit for a holiday where you can experience everything from an alien-like landscape in Cappadocia to giant god-worshipping statues on top of Mt. Nemrut.

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Konya is one of the best places to visit in Turkey for its incredible architecture and cultural heritage. Its historic sites, from the mosques to the ancient caravanserais on the Silk Road, are fascinating to explore and will give travelers a glimpse of how many cultures have thrived over the centuries.

While you’re in the city, don’t miss out on the Great Karatay Medrese (Tile Museum), a former theological college that now houses gorgeous examples of tiling from the Seljuk era. It may sound like a niche tourist attraction, but it is well worth the trip to see this incredible building and all of the intricate tile work that’s still visible inside.

Another must-see for any visitor to Konya is the Mevlana Museum, which celebrates the life of the 13th-century Sufi philosopher and poet Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi. His tomb is the focal point of this Sufi tekke, or lodge, and you can also tour the rose garden that lies within it.

The city is home to a number of mosques, including the Ince Minare Mosque, a stunning example of Seljuk-era Islamic architecture. It has a conical turret and domes that will be sure to capture your heart as you take in the view.

In addition to mosques, Konya has a handful of other beautiful historic buildings that are worth checking out. The Sircali Medrese, for instance, is an ancient theological college that features a beautiful collection of tiling and ornate stalactite portals.

Lastly, don’t miss the Konya Archaeology Museum. Sadly, it hasn’t been given the facelift that most museums have received over the past decade, but that’s not to say you won’t be blown away by this place’s impressive collection of archaeological treasures.

As for food, there’s a range of cuisine to try in Konya, from etli ekmek to firin kebab and kuzu (lamb) tandir. You can also find a variety of Turkish desserts, from hosmerim to yag somunu.

If you’re in the mood for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, make a short visit to Sille, an attractive village that is 7 km from Konya’s center. It’s a small and quiet area that is popular among locals and visitors alike.


Cappadocia is one of Turkey’s most popular destinations, with its unique geological wonders and historic sites. This region is a must for any traveler who loves to discover the best that Central Anatolia has to offer.

There are a number of ways to see this magical land, including hiking, riding horses, and hot air ballooning. However, if you’re short on time and want to experience the best Cappadocia has to offer, we recommend booking a tour with a local guide.

The first place you should visit is the Goreme open-air museum. This is a must for any visitor to Cappadocia as it’s home to many of the area’s iconic rock formations and fairy chimneys. You can also explore numerous valleys and carved rock houses in this historic region.

Aside from its stunning natural landscapes, Cappadocia is also home to a large number of significant archeological sites. Some of the most impressive sites include Selime Cathedral, which is cut into volcanic stone and is home to the largest church in the region.

Another must-visit site is the Derinkuyu Underground City, which is an ancient multilevel cave city that is a great spot to soak up some culture and learn about Cappadocia’s history. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could also consider booking a guided walk through the rock-cut city.

You’ll be able to take in some of the world’s most spectacular rock formations, including the Three Beauties. These pillars of rock have been sculpted over millions of years, so they’re truly magical to see.

If you’re looking for a more luxurious experience, we recommend staying at the Artemis Cave Suites in Goreme. This lavish hotel features a private garden and plenty of terraces to enjoy the beautiful scenery. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to stay in a truly unique hotel, and the staff are on hand to arrange everything you need during your stay.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional Turkish meal or a more innovative dish, you’ll find the best Cappadocia restaurants right here. The food here is authentic and delicious, so you’ll be sure to have a great time.


In Turkey’s south-eastern region, Urfa is a wonderful place to explore. It’s full of history and incredible scenery. From stunning architecture and breathtaking landscapes to a bustling Grand Bazaar, it’s a must-see city that should be on every traveler’s list.

If you love museums, you’ll be spoilt for choice with Urfa’s array of excellent options. One of the best is the Sanliurfa Archaeology Museum, which houses a collection of ancient artifacts including the Balikligol statue. Another is the Sanliurfa Kurtulus Muzesi, which focuses on Salvation history.

You can also visit the Harran Beehive Houses, which are roughly a half an hour’s drive from the town centre and are well-preserved. The houses are not large but offer an opportunity to step inside a traditional Urfa home and experience how it was to live in these days.

There’s a lot to see and do in Urfa but there are also plenty of great day trips that you can take from the city if you want to get out and about. For ancient history, you can visit the incredible Karahantepe Mounds near the city or the spectacular ruins of Mount Nemrut, a 2-hour drive away.

For a different kind of day trip, head to the nearby town of Safranbolu for an extraordinary number of historic sites and well-preserved old homes. There are 17th-century mosques and Turkish baths as well as more than 1,000 historical artifacts, making it a must-visit destination for those with an interest in the region’s history.

The town’s labyrinthine back alleys are a delight to wander through and there are endless bazaars to discover in its Old Town section. You can buy a variety of goods from local crafts and souvenirs to delicious sweet treats.

Aside from visiting the many attractions, Urfa is a great place to sample local cuisine and eat out at authentic eateries. You can enjoy a classic kebab or doner burger, or try a dish called Dalek which is lamb’s spleen.

The city’s vibrant nightlife is another great reason to head to Urfa. It’s a hive of activity with people coming from the countryside to haggle in the bazaar and young technocrats and engineers working at the offices and shops on offer in the modern downtown section.


Bodrum is the most popular holiday destination in Turkey and has become one of the best places to visit in Turkey. It is a place where you can experience the best of both worlds; whitewashed stucco hillside houses, magnificent vistas, historic imprints and a vibrant nightlife.

It is the perfect mix of luxury and relaxation. It has white sandy beaches, stunning blue waters and plenty of restaurants to choose from.

You can also take a boat tour around the beautiful coves and bays of the coastline. These tours are a great way to appreciate the beautiful surroundings of the city.

After an active day sightseeing, you can relax and enjoy the beauty of Bodrum by taking a swim in any of the gorgeous beaches that the town offers. You can even try out the natural mineral springs on Karaada island where you can dip in the sulphur-smelling orange mud for a relaxing bath.

Among the best attractions in Bodrum are the underwater archaeology museum, St. Peter’s castle, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, and a variety of museums that are worth visiting.

The Maritime Museum is another great attraction to visit in Bodrum. It is home to a large collection of underwater archaeological artifacts that date back to the Mycenaean period. The museum is also famous for its huge hoard of Mycenaean copper ingots, ancient Egyptian seals and Roman amphorae.

There are also some interesting Turkish history museums that are worth visiting in the city. These include the Zeki Muren Arts Museum where you can see the stage costumes, awards and letters of the famous Turkish singer and actor.

In addition, the museum is located in the house where he spent his last days in Bodrum. This makes it a fascinating museum to visit for tourists who want to learn more about the life and works of the famous musician.

The Bodrum beach is another important tourist spot in the city and it is a very long beach that border the glistening Aegean Sea. It can be reached easily from the town center and is a very good location for enjoying a relaxing time in the sun.


What Are The Best Places To Visit In Turkey?

Turkey is a country full of amazing destinations to explore. Some of the top places to visit include Istanbul for its rich history and culture, Cappadocia for its otherworldly landscape, Ephesus for its ancient ruins, Pamukkale for its stunning white terraces, and Antalya for its beautiful beaches.

What Are The Best Places To Visit In Turkey For Couples?

Turkey is a romantic destination that offers a variety of places for couples to explore together. The stunning beaches of Antalya, the hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia, the historical and cultural treasures of Istanbul, and the relaxing hot springs of Pamukkale are all perfect destinations for couples seeking a romantic getaway.

Which Are The Best Places For Couples To Visit In Turkey In May?

May is a great time to visit Turkey, and there are plenty of romantic destinations to explore. You can take a hot air balloon ride over the unique landscapes of Cappadocia, explore the historical treasures of Istanbul, relax in the hot springs of Pamukkale, or take a romantic cruise along the stunning coastline of Antalya.

What Are The Best Places To Visit In Turkey In June?

June is a perfect time to visit Turkey, and there are plenty of destinations to explore. You can hike through the stunning landscapes of the Lycian Way, explore the ancient ruins of Troy, relax on the beautiful beaches of Antalya, or wander through the vibrant bazaars of Istanbul.

What Are The Best Places To Visit In Turkey During July?

July is a great time to visit Turkey, and there are plenty of destinations to choose from. You can enjoy the sunny beaches of Bodrum, relax in the hot springs of Pamukkale, explore the ancient ruins of Ephesus, or take a hot air balloon ride over the surreal landscape of Cappadocia.